Get started with SLALOM legal document for Cloud SLAs

Get started with the legal aspects of Cloud SLAs with SLALOM Master Service Agreement (MSA)

SLALOM promises to deliver an initial baseline to practically address Cloud SLAs, specifying the structure of what a Cloud SLA should have: an initial wording of legal terms and providing a technical specification (metrics, parameters, rules and dependencies).

Our legal team has worked hard during the last months to create the first version of the structure of the Master Service Agreement (MSA), the legal document that manages everything related with the SLA from the legal perspective.

Download SLALOM Master Service Agreement legal document here.

After the ground work done to identify interests of Cloud Providers and Users, included in SLALOM positioning paper, the current version of SLALOM Legal document identifies possible different interests, positions and perspectives of the two parties involved.

The MSA is structured in a way that provides a main umbrella for common things and it delegates the specifics to annexes in which concrete aspects are detailed. This approach facilitates adopting changes in relevant aspects such as technical aspects covered by the SLALOM technical SLA specification, the detailed description of services involved, penalties, and other specificities like concrete security policies, data protection policies, business continuity policies, among other.

We want you to participate in the process of evolving and improving this document, so read the legal model document here, and participate with your questions and suggestions here.

You can contact the SLALOM team here.

Monday, September 7, 2015