Guidance on including SLALOM in research

SLALOM shares its findings to support Research & Scientific Community

Supporting the Research & Scientific Community with our Findings on #Cloud #SLAs

This document presents the findings of the SLALOM support action that are relevant for the research community. During the 18 month project, we have been liaising closely with experts and market, trying to cut through the theory and discussion in order to produce practical and usable output. Preconceptions have been challenged. Varied opinions have been received. Multiple dead ends and unexpected hurdles have been discovered, and at the same time jackpots have been hit and gold dust found. The intention here is to take a critical view of the research community and feedback what has been learned into what will be done, thus shaping the future research agenda and habits.

The document reaches out principally to project coordinators, policymakers, exploitation managers and cloud research heads, in an attempt to inform and educate them about our findings, such that each can adapt their own areas of influence accordingly.

Friday, June 17, 2016