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These are the latest evetns in which SLALOM participated and showed the beneifits and outcomes of the project. In these events we facilitate attendees the opportunity to talk with our legal and technical experts at these events to learn more about our free baseline to cope with Cloud SLAs. We also welcome your comments if you also want to have your saying in the consultation process that we just opened.

  • SLALOM organized two live webinar sessions to present our final versions of our final versions of our models for #Cloud #SLAs. The first webinar covered SLALOM Technical track "Using metrics to improve Cloud SLAs". Download the slides here. The second covered the outcomes of SLALOM legal track, "Ready to Use Cloud Master Agreement for SLAs". Download the slides here. Both will provide examples showing how to practically apply SLALOM to improve current practice in the industry and support development of cloud computing metrics, specially for #DataProtection and eProcurement.
  • SLALOM also organized a legal session called "The technical perspective: the service level agreements standardization in the SLALOM project", in Milano area (Italy), that has been a success sharing how to use SLALOM Contract Service Agreement Document for #Cloud #SLAs.

Contact us via eMail if you want to schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016