Learn how to apply SLALOM Technical & Legal outcomes with our webinars and documents

SLALOM organized two live sessions to present the final versions of our legal terms and technical specifications for #Cloud #SLAs. The sessions provide examples showing how to practically apply SLALOM to improve current practice in the industry for # Cloud #SLAs and support development of cloud computing metrics.

The first webinar covered SLALOM Technical track "Using metrics to improve Cloud SLAs". The second covered the outcomes of SLALOM legal track, "Ready to Use Cloud Master Agreement for SLAs".

This webinar focuses on the output of the SLALOM legal track, outlining it's approach to technical specifications for SLAs, including examples of specific metrics, and showing how its outcomes can be adapted to support clarity and transparency in defining and delivering cloud SLAs. Whether you are a service user tasked with defining SLAs to specify requirements or a Service provider charged with delivering great customer support, SLALOM can provide practical guidance.

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Monday, April 18, 2016