Why the SLALOM Body?

SLALOM Body is an initiative that has been created after the efforts carried out after the work carried out during these 18 months of work by the SLALOM Project.

The initiative develops on the interests of all members of the consortium who have expressed their commitment and desire on that the work of SLALOM needs to continue in order to further influence the market and decrease the gap between the SLA adoption, mainly by cloud Adopters and Providers, and the market. During the ground-work, it was clear that SLALOM positioning dimensions “practical” and “fairness”, along the “trustworthiness” provided by the SLALOM initiative independent branding (even though backed by large players) proved more openness to potentially using the legal terms from SMEs adopters and micro-businesses in the provider sector.

The consortium gathered valuable insights from maintaining direct contacts with all players involved in the Cloud SLA ecosystem, especially with cloud adopters and providers that helped us validate and understand various important questions. First, how the market considers SLAs and contracts. Second, how Cloud SLAs can impede cloud development or affect competitiveness. Third, how and what needs to be done to raise awareness of how related legal and technical barriers related to Cloud SLAs can be overcome. And finally, how to educate stakeholders on the risks, benefits and best practice on Clouds SLAs.

The continuation of the work also foresees potential for the case of reducing the gap between the SLA research available solutions and their adoption by industry players where it can yield practical outcomes via mechanisms like SLALOM technical specifications or the implementation of ISO compliant tools. This approach proved to be valid during the initiative when technical deliverables and plans were shared and made available with industry stakeholders that tried to generate leads to further develop and improve them thanks to introductions to industry members.

All these led to some partners identifying the need to express their willingness and commitment to continue maintaining up to date, and improving SLALOM tangible results, and guidelines in order to further continue on the path to advance from evaluation to scale of previous identified actions like educating adopters and reducing barriers for cloud adoption.

SLALOM Body Main Objectives for the future

The main objectives of the SLALOM Body are the joint promotion, fostering, and leveraging adoption and evolution of SLALOM products and branding to extend its impact to educate the cloud market and to reduce barriers and improve the cloud SLA market ecosystem with its practical, fair and balanced approach for Cloud SLAs, while being a support vehicle for individual members of the consortium in their individual exploitation intentions for SLALOM outcomes.

Also important is the objective to grow even further as a reference on Cloud SLAs and leveraging on the idea of a neutral open source like organization that shares free resources to cope with the adoption of Cloud SLAs, bridging the gap among all players involved in this ecosystem.

An important part of the SB will be its role of point of contact with the market. It will be relevant for not only implementing a continuous market consultation that gives the SB a real pulse of the Cloud SLA market, but also to close the gap between the research community and industry.

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