SLALOM Collaborations with EU research projects pay off in the definition of Technical Specs

SLALOM takes the goal of filling the gap very seriously. We are in talks with various research projects in order to get their vision of Cloud technologies and also to push our findings in technical SLA aspects. Contributions have been, so far, very important for the project.

This is the list of projects that are either both contributing or being helped with SLALOM practical approach to SLAs.

If you want to learn about SLALOM technical for Core SLA Specs read our document that defines an Abstract Metric formula capable of specifying any metric included in an SLA (e.g. availability, response time, elasticity, etc) for any provider.

The formula has been applied, as example, to commercial SLAs (e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft) to demonstrate its applicability in terms of providers and different SLA metrics.

Furthermore, the proposed formula and the corresponding complete SLA has been compiled into a machine-readable structural representation (i.e. JSON format) and a set of examples using this representation have also been compiled.

Monday, November 9, 2015