SLALOM Consultation Phase is here !!!

Get involved! Your feedback is important to reach stakeholder consensus in the cloud space

Download SLALOM Legal Model Terms here and SLALOM Technical SLA Specification here.

After an extensive public consultation earlier this year, which sought the views of both end users and Cloud providers on their priorities when contracting cloud services, we are now sharing first versions of SLALOM legal and technical models during the consultation phase. They can be used by most cloud service providers and consumers without great expense yet providing a high level of trustworthiness.

However, we want to hear what is important to you in the marketplace, as an adopter or cloud provider. We pursue consensus to assure that the terms are fair, legally tight, balanced and sufficiently broad. Thus, our current focus is our next step, Consensus Phase (starting from 1st October ). During this time the consortium will be inviting feedback on the draft terms from all stakeholders in a wide-ranging public consultation designed to build consensus on the terms which need to be covered, and taking into account the different perspectives involved. SLALOM’s approach has been to set out both the provider and adopter perspective for each clause, with a suggested SLALOM form of wording.

If you want to participate you can:

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