SLALOM Legal Team releases the final version of our Legal Model Terms

Bird & Bird, SLALOM Legal Team, has released the final version of SLALOM Legal Model Terms.

Download the document here.

The document provides a revised, and final, version of the legal model terms taht take into account the recommendations that have been suggested by some stakeholders through their feedback. Moreover, this document presents updates on some of the legal issues addressed in previous versions due to the ongoing changes in the European legal framework occurring in the past few months, especially in the context of the Digital Single Market initiatives.

With reference to the feedback received by the stakeholders, we analysed the comments made by several different entities and organizations as well as natural persons, both on the Providers' side and the Adopters' side.

You can learn more about the Legal model in various events that our legal team has organized to promote the benefits of the final version:

  • SLALOM has organized a session to present our final versions of our models for #Cloud #SLAs during NetFutures 2016 (21st April 2016 ) event. "How to practically improve your Cloud SLAs with SLALOM Legal and Technical models" will be held 21st April 9:30 - 12:30.
  • SLALOM has organized a live webinar session on May 4th - 14:00-15:00 CEST, to present our final versions of our legal terms for #Cloud #SLAs. It will also provide examples showing how to practically apply SLALOM to improve current practice in the industry and support development of cloud computing metrics, specially for #DataProtection and eProcurement. Please register here
  • SLALOM has organized a legal session in Milano area (Italy), that will be held on May 6th. Whether you are a service user tasked with defining SLAs to specify requirements or a Service provider charged with delivering great customer support, SLALOM can provide practical guidance on legal aspects of #Cloud #SLAs.
Wednesday, April 20, 2016