SLALOM SLA Specification v1 (SEP 2015)

The first SLALOM SLA Specification is here

With this document SLALOM proposes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specification that emerges from the analysis of a set of metrics (Service Level Objectives) that have been expressed as of major importance both from cloud providers and from cloud adopters.

SLALOM focuses on three specific metrics, namely: Availability, Elasticity, and Response Time. The proposed specification is based on an initial approach that enables the specification of “any” metric, through an abstract generic definition. Based on this definition, representative examples are provided for the aforementioned metrics for four different service classes/categories, spanning the infrastructure and service layers of the cloud SPI model: (infrastructure layer) Computational service (i.e. VMs), Networking service, Storage service, and (software layer) application/software service.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015