SLALOM SLA Specification v1 (2016)

SLALOM SLA Specification has been updated, take a look here

SLALOM DOs & DON'Ts Guide on Cloud SLAs for Project Researchers

Simple, Practical, and aligned with ISO Standardization Body best practices on #Cloud #SLAs for Researchers!!!

Read here the results and lessons learned from bridging research, EC initiatives and ISO in SLA standardisation.

With this document SLALOM proposes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specification that emerges from the analysis of a set of metrics (Service Level Objectives) that have been expressed as of major importance both from cloud providers and from cloud adopters.

If you are a Cloud Provider or a Cloud Adopter you want to know more about SLALOM, an initiative undertaken by world-class companies to provide a legal and technical reference model for Cloud SLAs.

D4.1 – PU – Initial position paper
D5.1 – PU – Initial position paper

This deliverable will provide report of the SLA specification.

This deliverable is the starting point for the codification of these aspects into the SLALOM terms.

D2.1 – First draft of the terms for discussion in the consensus groups

Draft of terms and conditions taking into consideration common legal requirements.