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SLALOM collaboration with PICSE and HelixNebula provides valuable input to 5,3M€ HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement tender

Based on the fruitful interactions between PICSE (Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe), Helix Nebula and SLALOM, HNSciCloud has made use of the results of SLALOM in the preparation of their 5,3M€ cloud service tender for the establishment of a European hybrid cloud platform, launched 21st of July (closure September 19, 2016). The purpose of the platform is to support the deployment of high-performance computing and big-data capabilities for scientific research.

Athens Bar Association (ABA) Scientific Committee adopts SLALOM legal terms

We are pleased to announce that SLALOM legal terms have been adopted by the Athens Bar Association (ABA) Scientific Committee.

As a result, the SLALOM model terms have been uploaded into the ISOCRATES legal database. managed by the ABA, and made available on subcription to more than 22.000 users (Athens lawyers and other institutional and individual users).

Learn how to apply SLALOM Technical & Legal outcomes with our webinars and documents

SLALOM organized two live sessions to present the final versions of our legal terms and technical specifications for #Cloud #SLAs. The sessions provide examples showing how to practically apply SLALOM to improve current practice in the industry for # Cloud #SLAs and support development of cloud computing metrics.

The first webinar covered SLALOM Technical track "Using metrics to improve Cloud SLAs". The second covered the outcomes of SLALOM legal track, "Ready to Use Cloud Master Agreement for SLAs".

Latest SLALOM Events

Meet SLALOM here !!!

These are the latest evetns in which SLALOM participated and showed the beneifits and outcomes of the project. In these events we facilitate attendees the opportunity to talk with our legal and technical experts at these events to learn more about our free baseline to cope with Cloud SLAs. We also welcome your comments if you also want to have your saying in the consultation process that we just opened.

SLALOM organizes Session in Milano region

SLALOM has organized a legal session called "The technical perspective: the service level agreements standardization in the SLALOM project", in Milano area (Italy), that will be held on May 26th from 09:00 to 12:00 a.m.

Whether you are a service user tasked with defining SLAs to specify requirements or a Service provider charged with delivering great customer support, SLALOM can provide practical guidance on legal aspects of #Cloud #SLAs.

Download the agenda (in italian)

SLALOM meets MUSA Project

The Cloud Industry Forum, representing the SLALOM project, participated in a meeting of the EC MUSA project on 11 March in London.

The MUSA project is focused on facilitating decision-making and negotiating for multi-cloud deployments, such as used when adopters wish to deploy across multiple clouds for redundancy and scale. The MUSA approach requires particular focus on service levels which are measurable in a consistent way across the diverse environments involved. This need overlaps with SLALOM’s objective of developing common metric specifications.