#Cloud #SLAs are not easy! SLALOM Shares A Practical Approach

Learn about SLALOM's final Technical & Legal models with our webinars and final versions of our documents and approach for #Cloud #SLA.

SLALOM is Ready To Use Cloud SLAs

SLALOM makes it possible for you to get your SLAs ready in a minute with the support of our advanced technical and legal models.
Cloud SLA Are Too Complex?

Turning Theory Into Practice

An SLA might seem simple on paper, but its practicalities can be complex. That is why we have designed our models to enable seamless conversion of paper-based knowledge into reality.

Closing The Gap

We work hand in hand with legal experts; institutions that are driving the uptake of recommendations both by cloud providers and consumers such as EC, standards organizations, and industry associations to create the starting point for Cloud Service Providers and Adopters to negotiate Cloud SLAs for doing business in the Cloud in a simple, fair and transparent way.

Cloud Service Providers

Meddling with too much data in too little space? Hop on board with SLALOM and get assistance from the best cloud service providers.

Cloud Adopters

Transferring the data from your on-premises environment to a cloud has never been this easy. Gain access to the best cloud adopters and make this a possibility.

Expertise and Collaboration

Whenever you feel your cloud computing process is mayhem, seek out SLALOM to get expert service by collaborating with well-trained and informed experts.


SLALOM not only makes cloud computing a breeze but also does it with absolute perfection, so you never again have to worry about losing data.
William M. Parker
Drafting an SLA is tedious, and SLALOM takes the burden and executes the task with proper technical and legal validation.
Elliott L. McQuaid
I would strongly recommend SLALOM to anyone who is looking for a hassle-free SLA documentation process. Thanks to them for being such awesome service providers.
Charlene T. Scott

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